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Folding Gates

Steel Folding Gates


Secure doors, openings & vulnerable

Areas with retractable folding security gates.

Steel folding gates secure retail and business single entry doors, double doors, front glass windows, dock doors, hallways and entrance ways. With steel folding gates you can control who comes and goes while maintaining visibility and the ability to quickly open & close areas. Steel folding gates provide increased security which means less theft and reduced loss prevention costs. Steel folding gates fold easily back and out of the way when people or equipment need to pass, but provide a lockable barrier when closed. These gates are excellent for situations where compact, restricted access is a priority. Every gate retracts to a fraction of its extended width. Arranged to accept padlocks. Constructed from heavy – duty steel. Standard color black. We’ll custom make virtually any steel folding gate within the manufactures specifications. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll find a solution. Our mission is to make and install a quality product at a competitive price that meets or exceeds our customers’ requirements.

Single Steel Folding Gates

Single steel folding gates are excellent for commercial glass entry doors and are usually mounted on the inside of the business and are manufactured to be installed under the door closer. Securing entrance ways are another great application for single steel folding gates. SPECIFICATIONS: Posts are 16 gauge steel channel. Lattice bars are 3/4″ x 3/8” 16 gauge steel channel. Single gates comes with a locking bar arranged to accept padlocks. All single steel folding gates have a retainer strap to hold gate retracted. After installation gate will stack and pivot out of the entry way. Standard color black.


Double Steel Folding Gates

Double steel folding gates are used to secure double entry doors, receiving dock doors, lift-up doors, and entrance-ways. SPECIFICATIONS: Gates will be constructed of an accordion diamond lattice with 3/4″ x 3/8” u-type channels riveted back to back with spacers for easy operation. Vertical rails are 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” x 1/8” hot rolled steel angle which mount and pivot on 5/8” pins. All double gates equipped with self-securing center drop pin and steel ball bearing swivel casters. All double gates over 10 feet will be equipped with lockable drop pins in the center bottom of each web. All gates have a retainer strap to hold gate retracted and are arranged to accept padlocks. After installation gate will stack and pivot out of the entryway. Standard color black.


Top & Bottom Track Steel Folding Gates

Top and bottom track gates are used to secure commercial business glass fronts and entrance-ways. The bottom track can be designed to fold up out of the entry way. SPECIFICATIONS: Steel top and bottom track 1-7/8” x 2- 3/8” 14 gauge. Post 1” x 2”16 gauge. Main verticals 1” x 1/2″ 16 gauge tubing. Intermediate vertical & expander’s 3/16” x 3/4″ steel bar. Padlock tab welded to main vertical. All gates have a retainer strap to hold gate retracted. Standard color black. Custom colors also available.